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Green Highway – A fossil fuel free transport corridor

Green Highway is a partnership between the three municipalities of Sundsvall, Östersund and Trondheim. This partnership stretches 450 kilometres, through three regions and two countries, from Sundsvall in Sweden to Trondheim in Norway.

The aim is to create a fossil-fuel-free transport corridor, as well as to demonstrate that investments in green technology boost the economy and contribute to sustainable growth and reduced environmental impact. By disseminating information, participating in a range of processes and acting as a network hub, Green Highway is helping to create the right conditions for a renewable and energy efficient transport corridor in Mid Scandinavia.

Project goals

  • Introduce hydrogen in the Green Highway area
  • Create a value chain for liquid biogas in heavy vehicles
  • Promote the development of products and services in electro-mobility and charging infrastructure
  • Establish a business network – Green Highway Sustainable Business Hub
  • Implement smart and coordinated distribution of goods in the SÖT municipalities

The project is part of the EU programme Interreg Sweden-Norway and financed by the European Regional Development Fund. Green Highway is also supported by partners and
stakeholders in the region.


Johan Klockar Öhrnell, City of Sundsvall
Phone: +46 60 19 16 82

Anne Sörensson, City of Östersund
Phone: +46 63 14 46 61

Björn Ove Berthelsen, City of Trondheim
Phone: +47 91 76 02 02